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Harvest Preschool and Kindergarten launched in 2018 in response to an overwhelming need in the community for safe, excellent, and Bible-based schools for young students. At Harvest Preschool we challenge students in learning, encourage them to grow positive social skills, and give opportunities for their faith to thrive. Our heart is to see families succeed and we exist to support families in their efforts to raise strong, effective children. We hope you choose Harvest Preschool and Kindergarten as your student’s school!

Whether you are seeking four days, or just a couple days a week, this outstanding school fits the lifestyle of a variety of families and accommodates working parents.

Teachers use dynamic, age-appropriate methods to instruct students and utilize hands-on activities to engage minds. Technology is used minimally in order to challenge the students to use critical thinking.

Our skilled staff provides a structured environment with a focus to prepare the students socially, academically, physically, and spiritually. The purpose is to instill in our children a delight to learn academically and a desire to know God through the security of being His child. Children will find their school experience to be one of the high points in their weekly schedule.


Harvest Preschool works together with the home to provide a Christ-centered developmental program that will stimulate and strengthen the mind and the faith of children enrolled.

We aim to set children up for success in their future academic and social pursuits, enabling them to one day take their place as a transforming influence in the world. 

In choosing Harvest Preschool and Kindergarten, parents are agreeing to have their students participate in curriculum that is based on Biblical truth and in religious activities that are a product of that truth. Outward expressions of our Bible-based curriculum include praying during the day and before meals, singing songs about God, memorizing scripture, teaching Biblical character traits, and celebrating Christmas and Easter.


Harvest Preschool and Kindergarten shares a building with Harvest Church on the corner of Main Street and Pine Street in Meridian. Families do not need to attend Harvest Church to enroll their children in the school. To learn more about Harvest Church, click here.


Harvest Preschool and Kindergarten’s philosophy is rooted in the Bible and therefore encourages and promotes the Judeo-Christian worldview. The primary objective and purpose of the school is to train each student in the way of life presented in the Scriptures while providing a jump start in excellent, general education. If parents find themselves opposed to or at odds with the virtues, ethics and moral beliefs of Christianity, we encourage them to consider enrolling their children elsewhere.

The educational component is developed to provide students with the best possible foundation for future academic success. There is emphasis on the understanding of the fundamental building blocks of language, mathematics, arts and science.  Our program will skillfully and intentionally focus on the development and exercise of these basic academic starting points.